Allen Construction Supply   
2827 N. Nichols St
Ft Worth, Tx 76106
(817)624-9242 fax
1500 M.L.K. Jr. Blvd
Wichita Falls, Tx 76301
(940)687-2698 fax

2827 N. Nichols St
Ft Worth, Tx 76106
(817)624-9242 fax
1500 M.L.K. Jr. Blvd
Wichita Falls, Tx 76301
(940)687-2698 fax

                    Reinforcing Steel

              Fabrication                                       Wire Mesh Sheets
              Smooth Dowels                               Rebar Safety Caps
              Dowel Baskets                                 High Chairs
              Slab Bolsters                                    Anchor Bolts
              Beam Bolsters                                 Detailing (in house)

                   Tilt Ups

              Bond Breakers                                    Braces                          
              Lift Inserts                                           Quick Bolts
              Brace Inserts                                       Formliners
              Panel Engineering                              Styrofoam Blockouts

                                    Forming Products

              Form Release Agent                        Quick Lock Brackets
              Wood Chamfer                                  Coil Rods
              Sonotube                                           Coil Ties
              Snap Ties w/cones                           Plyform
              Snap Ties w/washers                       Jahn "A" Brackets
              Loop End Ties                                   Radius Board
              Grasshopper Clamps                       Wedges
              Strong Back Clamp                          Turnbuckles                                       
                                       Expansion Joint Material

              Fiber Expansion Joints                      Self-expanding Cork
              Redwood Expansion Joints               Zip Strip 
              Load Transfers                                    Sponge Rubber
              Screed Joint                                        Expansion Joint Cap
              Screed Joint Cap                                 

                                        Bar Supports

              Plastic Paving Chairs                           Individual High Chairs
              Joist Chairs                                           Continuous High Chairs
              Slab Bolster                                           High Chair for Metal Deck
              Beam Bolster                                        Bar Chairs
              Bar Clips                                                Sand Plate

                                        Concrete Tools 

        Marshalltown Tools                                 Vibrators
              Edgers                                                      Trowels
              Walking Edgers                                        Bull Floats
              Kncrete Kumalongs                                Gator Floats  
              Wheelbarrows                                          Magnesium Screeds
              Trowel Blades Combination                   Magnesium Hand Floats
              Trowel Blades Finishing                         Safety Grooves  
              Rubbing Bricks         

                                        Grouting Materials

              Non-metallic Grout                                Epoxy Grout 
              Hydraulic Grout                                     Self-leveling Grout
              Sakrete Concrete Mix                           Patching Cement
              Sakrete Sand Mix                                  Bonding Agent
              Portland Cement                                   Quick-setting Cement


              Waterstop PVC                                      PVC Flashing
              Mastic                                                     Synko-flex
              Polyethylene Film                                 Protection Board

                                            Joint Sealants
              Urethane Sealants                             Cold Applied Sealants
              Polyurethane Sealants                      Latex Caulks
              Backer Rods                                       


              Cement Colors                                       Liquid Floor Hardeners
              Mortar Colors                                          Nails
              Diamond Blades                                     Dow Blue Board
              Sledge Hammers                                   Coil Bolts 
              Vapor Barriers                                        Cotton Curing Mats
              Flagging Tape                                         Concrete Hoppers
              Wheelbarrows                                         Finishing Brooms
              Lumber 2" x 4" x 16'                               Rubber Boots
              Lumber 2" x 6" x 16'                               Curb Mules
              Lumber 2" x 10" x 16'                             Burlap Curing

Allen Construction Supply Mission Statement

 Allen Construction Supply Inc, is committed to serving you, our customer. We will provide the highest quality of products and services at competitive prices. All our customers will be treated as if they are our only customer. We will strive to exceed our customer's expectations, while never forgetting their roles in our success. 
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